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AUGUST 16-SEPTEMBER 22, 1863.--The Chickamauga Campaign.

[ar51_5 con't]


16-17 1863. -- General advance of the Army of the Cumberland.
17, 1863. -- Skirmish at Calfkiller Creek, near Sparta, Tenn.
21, 1863. -- Skirmish at Maysville, Ala., Action at Shellmound, Tenn., Bombardment of Chattanooga, Tenn.
22-24, 1863. -- Expedition from Tracy City, Tenn., to the Tennessee River.
24, 1863. -- Skirmish at Gunter's Landing, near Port Deposit, Ala.
26-27, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Harrison's Landing, Tenn.
28, 1863. -- Skirmish at the Narrows, near Shellmound, Tenn.
28-31, 1863. -- Reconnaissance from Stevenson, Ala., to Trenton, Ga.
29, 1863. -- Skirmish at Caperton's Ferry, Ala.
30-31, 1863. -- Reconnaissance from Shellmound toward Chattanooga, Tenn.
31, 1863. -- Skirmish in Will's Valley, Ala.

1, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Will's Creek and at Davis', Tap's, and Neal's Gaps, Ala.
3, 1863. -- Skirmish near Alpine, Ga.
5, 1863. -- Reconnaissance from Winston's Gap into Broomtown Valley, Ala., Skirmish at Lebanon, Ala., Skirmish near Alpine, Ga., Destruction of salt-works at Rawlingsville, Ala.
6, 1863. -- Skirmish at Stevens' Gap, Ga.
6- 7, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Summerville, Ga.
7, 1863. -- Skirmish at Stevenson, Ala., Reconnaissance toward Chattanooga and skirmish in Lookout Valley, Tenn.
8, 1863. -- Skirmish at Winston's Gap, Ala., Skirmish at Alpine, Ga.
9, 1863. -- Chattanooga, Tenn., occupied by the Union forces., Skirmish at Friar's Island, Tenn.

9, 1863. -- Skirmish at Lookout Mountain, Ga.
10, 1863. -- Reconnaissance from Alpine toward Rome, La Fayette, and Summerville, Ga, and skirmish at Summerville., Skirmishes at Pea Vine Creek, and near Graysville, Ga.
11, 1863. -- Reconnaissance toward Rome, Ga., Skirmish near Blue Bird Gap, Ga., Skirmish at Davis' Cross-Roads (or Davis' House), near Dug Gap, Ga., Skirmish near Rossville, Ga., Skirmish near Ringgold, Ga.
11-13, 1863. -- Skirmishes near Lee and Gordon's Mills, Ga.
12, 1863. -- Skirmish at Alpine, Ga., Skirmish at Dirt Town, Ga., Skirmish near Leet's Tan-yard, or Rock Spring, Ga., Skirmish on the La Fayette road, near Chattooga River, Ga.
13, 1863. -- Reconnaissance from Lee and Gordon's Mills toward La Fayette, Ga., and skirmish. Reconnaissance from Henderson's Gap, Ala., to La Fayette, Ga., and skirmish. Skirmish near Summerville, Ga.
14, 1863. -- Skirmish near La Fayette, Ga.
15, 1863. -- Skirmish at Trion Factory., Ga. Skirmish at Summerville, Ga.
15-18, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Catlett's Gap, Pigeon Mountain, Ga.
16-18, 1863. -- Skirmishes near Lee and Gordon's Mills, Ga.
17, 1863. -- Reconnaissance from Rossville and skirmish at Ringgold, Ga., Skirmish at Neal's Gap, Ala., Skirmish at Owens' Ford, West Chickamauga Creek, Ga.
18, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Pea Vine Ridge, Alexander's, and Reed's Bridges, Dyer's Ford, Spring Creek, and near Stevens' Gap, Ga.
19-20, 1863. -- Battle of Chickamauga, Ga.
21, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Rossville, Lookout Church, and Dry Valley, Ga.
21-22, 1863. -- Army of the Cumberland retreats to Chattanooga, Tenn.
22, 1863. -- Skirmishes at Missionary Ridge and Shallow Ford Gap, near Chattanooga, Tenn.


AUGUST 16-SEPTEMBER 22, 1863.--The Chickamauga Campaign.

No. 406.-- Report of Col. R. H. Moore, Sixty-fifth Georgia Infantry.

[ar51_442 con't]

SIR: Eight companies of my regiment, numbering 229 (effective total), lay in line of battle during the night of September 18, on the south bank of Chickamauga River.

At daylight on the morning of September 19, the regiment was ordered forward by Colonel Kelly, commanding brigade. It continuing to advance carefully until arrival in front of the enemy's works, where it was again halted and formed into line of battle, and remained so until about 3 p.m. Sunday, 20th. At that hour Kelly's brigade, with the exception of my regiment, being ordered into action, I was left to support Jeffress' battery, and the regiment remained in that position until about 10 o clock at night, when I received an [ar51_443] order from General Buckner to take charge of and guard to the rear a number of Federal prisoners. Reporting with them to Provost-Marshal Toule, I received an order to guard the prisoners to Atlanta.

During the two days' fight at Chickamauga my regiment was often subjected to the enemy's shells, wounding severely 3 and slightly 1.

ED NOTE: Family lore suggests this 'slightly wounded' soldier was F. M. Gay. Stories have it that "...he was brushed by a cannon ball in the Battle of Chickamauga. Several inches closer would have been fatal." Per J Gordon Gay, grandson of FM Gay to whom he told the story.

Very respectfully,
R. H. MOORE, Colonel,

Per JAMES M. GARTRELL, Adjutant.

[Capt. JOHN B. MAJOR, Assistant Adjutant-General. ]


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