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July 17 (or 11th ?), 1863

Loudon, Tenn.

Dear Jane,

For the first time since I left you have I had to [...?...] completed to write a very [...?...] I am now at Parison [...?...] Hotel sick. I came here this evening. I have not been well since I left Chattanooga But I have never reported sick until today. Our Regt is now on the march to a bridge 7 miles west of Knoxville. We left this evening Dr. [...?...] give me a [...?....] to stay and go on the RR when I am able. I think I will be able to join my Regt in a few days. I have just washed myself and put on a clean shirt. I feel a good deal better though my back and limbs hurt me. My head aches very bad now but I donít want you to worry about me for I am in a good place. Lieut. Elzed (?) is with me. Sick also.

W.F., I. N. Mincey is in the hospital hear. William is tolerable bad off & so is I. N. All the rest of the boys are gone on. Wm. says he intends going soon as he gets able. He can go about the Hospital. He came here today. A great many of our Regt is sick owing to the wet weather and being without tents. I was for two days I was wet all the time marching in the mud and rain we arrived to this place the 7th Inst. I was very glad when we left there.

Dear Jane, I have nothing very cheering as Vicksburg has fallen into the hands of the enemy everything appears to be dark and gloomy in the West yet when we turn our eyes to the east and hear of the victories won by the brave heroes we are all made to rejoice and give thanks. What the face of opposition will be seen in the west I canít tell. Something great will take place in the West. I long to see the tide of war turn in our favor. Here we almost be discouraged..

Jane I feel so feeble I can scarcely write to you. My hands are so weak. I have been anxious for a letter from you but one has not arrived since I left. Have you written to me?

I hope to get letters back from you. This is Saturday evening. I long to see my loving home to think how pleasant we could be enjoying ourselves. What are you doing this evening? Oh if I could only be at home sweet home. I long for you Jane. Donít you be uneasy but put trust in God. If I should go to the hereafter rest easy it will be all right do not be discouraged but stand firm I know you will be worried about me but I think it is all right that you know if I get sick. This is the first time I have been left behind. I hope I will be able to go in a day or so at least in a week. Jane donít be uneasy by the time you get this I hope I will be well.

Still direct to Knoxville as the Regt is marched to a place called Bells Bridge. I canít tell how long we be there. Give my regards to all friends and loved ones.

So I will close.

Kiss Robt. God help his little soul. My prayer is one may we all meet in heaven. So farewell my loving wife and child.

Adieu Adieu

Your Love,

D. J. Burt

Donít be uneasy about me.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Burt, D.J. letter written July 17,1863, an x-copy being in the archives of the Park Historian, Chickamauga National Military Park, National Park Service, PO Box 2128, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia 30742. Notations on the letter indicate it is from the Francis Burt Barrett Papers (old collection -- been in archives for years), location unknown.

The sidebar image is a standard issue "State Seal" button worn by Confederate Soldiers from the State of Georgia (larger than full-scale). ECHOS OF GLORY: ARMS & EQUIPMENT OF THE CONFEDERACY Time life Books, 1991, pp. 96.

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