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Company G, 8th Infantry Regiment (CSA)

"Tolson Guard"

Jasper County, Mississippi

Mustered into State Service, July 17, 1861 at Buckley's Store in the Fellowship Community, Jasper County.

Captains - George W. RYAN, J. G. Knox, J. W. White, B. M. Buckley
First Lieutenant - George F. Peek, elected Major: J. W. White
Second Lieutenant - Benjamin M. Buckley
Third Lieutenant - John W. Combest

Lname           Fname           Mname      Comp Rank
--------------- --------------- ---------- ---- -----------------
ATWOOD          Augustus        W.         G    Pvt.-Sergt.
AULTWAN         J.              D.         G    Private
BALL            Burrell                    G    Corp - Private
BALL,JR.        Edward          M.         G    Private
BALL,SR.        Edward          M.         G    Private
BARKSDALE       E.              S.         G    Private
BARKSDALE       J.              W.         G    Private
BARKSDALE       John            A.         G    Private
BETHANY         J.              H.         G    Private
BILOO           George          W.         G    Corp - Private
BLACKMAN        S.              F.         G    Private
BOGGAN          Pleasant                   G    Private
BOGGAN          Young           W.         G    Private
BRADDOCK        Thomas          W.         G    Private
BRADLEY         A.              L.         G    Private
BROWN           T.              P.         G    Private
BRYANT          Robert                     G    Private
BUCKLEY         James                      G    Private
BUCKLEY,JR.     Benjamin        Marion     G    2Nd. Lt. - Capt.
CARTLIDGE       William         G.         G    Pvt. - Sergeant
CASTLEBERRY     Richard                    G    Private
CHATHAM         Daniel                     G    Private
CHATHAM         William         O.         G    Pvt. - Sergeant
CLARK           James           P.         G    Private
CLARK           Lewis           M.         G    Pvt. - 2Nd. Lt.
COLLIT          B.              F.         G    Private
COMBEST         John            W.         G    3Rd.Lt. - 2Nd.Lt.
COOLEY          John            W.         G    Private
COOLEY          John            W.         G    Private
COOPER          William                    G    Private
CRAVEN          Joseph          L.         G    Private
CROSS           Benjamin        F.         G    Private
CROSS           Featherstone    I.         G    Private
DAVIS           Hill            G.         G    Private
DAVIS           Nicholas                   G    Sergeant - Pvt.
DEARING         Benjamin        W.         G    Private
DONEHOE         Jackson                    G    Private
EDWARDS         Ivy             A.         G    Private
EDWARDS         J.              E.         G    Private
EDWARDS         Jason           C.         G    Private
EDWARDS         Richard         S.         G    Private
FIKES           A.              J.         G    Private
FIKES           G.              W.         G    Private
FIKES           William         H.         G    Private
FOWLER          J.              I.         G    Private - Serg.
GANDY           Samuel                     G    Private
GANDY           Samuel          E.         G    Private
GORDON          Riley                      G    Private
GOSS            Joel            J          G    Private
GREEN           Robert          J.         G    Private
HARVEY          Burrell                    G    Private
HILL            Albert          G. B.      G    Private
HOUGH           Francis         E.         G    1St. Sgt.-1St Lt.
HOUGH           Samuel          H.         G    Private
HUTTO           Jason                      G    1St. Corp. -Pvt.
HUTTO           William         D.         G    Private
JAMES           Henry                      G    Private
JAY             Joseph                     G    Private
JOHNSTON        William         H. H.      G    Pvt. - Corp.
KEEN            J.              E.         G    Private
KENNEDY         James           M.         G    Sergt. - 2Nd. Lt.
KILLAN          G.              W.         G    Private
KILLIAM         William         O.         G    Pvt. - 2Nd. Lt.
LAND            George          W.         G    Private
LAND            John                       G    Private
LAND            Thomas          J.         G    Pvt-Corp
LAND            William         F.         G    Pvt-Corp
LEWIS           Alexander                  G    Private
LEWIS           D.              A.         G    Private
LEWIS           Willie                     G    Private
LOVITT          Archibald                  G    Private
LOVITT          Laughlin        C.         G    Pvt-Sergt.
MASSENGALE      Curtis                     C.   Private
MCCANN          Marion                     G    Private
MCDONALD        William         H.         G    Private
MCKINNEY        W.              H.         G    Private
MCPHERSON       William         W.         G    Corp.-Pvt.
MELTON          Robert          A.         G    Private-Doctor
MORRIS          H.              W.         G    Private
MORRIS          Jasper          N.         G.   Private
MOULDS          George                     G    Private
MURRY           James                      G    Private
NULLAM          G.              N.         G    Private
OWENS           H.              P.         G    Private
PARKS           James                      G    Private
PEEK            George          F.         GFS  1St.Lt.-Major
PRUITT          William         A.         G    Private
RAY             James           M.         G    Private
RICH            John            B.         G    Private
RICH            William         R.         G    Private
RICH            Zachariah                  G    Private
RILEY,JR.       Tillman         T.         G    Pvt.-Jr.2Nd Lt.
RYAN            George          W.         G    Captain
SANDERS         S.              F.         G    Private
SANDERS         William         R.         G    Private
SAPP            Jesse           E.         G    Pvt-Corp.
SHEELY          Thomas          C.         G    Private
SHEELY          William         H. M.      G    Private
SHERMAN         George          W.         G    Private
SINCLAIR        Benjamin        F.         G    Private
SINCLAIR        George          W.         G    Private
SINCLAIR        William         B.         G    Private
SINCLAIR        William         R.         G    Private
SKINNER         W.              J.         G    Private
SMITH           Lewis                      G    Private
SMITH           Sherrod         K.         G    Private
SNOW            Samuel          N.         G    Pvt.-Sergeant
STINEON         Elijah                     G    Private
STRICKLAND      William                    G,H  Private
SUMRALL         John                       G    Private
TATUM           Charles         William    G    Private
TAYLOR          Gilbert                    G    Private
THERRILL        Elijah          L.         G    Private
THERRILL        Reuben          J. W.       G    Private
THOMAS          Elijah                     G    Private
TISDALL         F.              P.         G    Private
TISDALL         Joseph                     G    Private
TISDALL         W.              H.         G    Private
TUCKER          S.              R.         G    Private
TURNER          M.              A.         G    Private
TURNER          Wiley           T.         G    Private
UNDERWOOD       Robert          D.         G    Private
WALKER          Ezekiel                    G    Private
WALKER          Josiah                     G    Private
WALL            Edward          J.         G    Private
WALL            M.              C.         G    Private
WALL            Seaburn         T.         G    Private
WALL            Zachariah                  G    Private
WELCH           John                       G    Private
WHITE           Benjamin        W.         G    Sergt.-Pvt.
WHITE           John            W.         G    Pvt.-Captain
WHITLEY         Allen                      G    Private
WILBURN         George          A.         G    Private
WILLIAMS        Frank                      G,I  Private
WILLIAMS        Hiram           P.         G    Private
WILLIAMS        Willie          H.         G    Private
WYATT           Dempsey                    G    Private
WYATT           William                    G    Private
YEAGER          William         W.         G    Pvt-Sergeant

  • Ref. 1. Mississippi Official and Statistical Register Pg. 577...1908.
  • Ref. 2. Roll of Mississippi Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 Infantry Vol. 2.


  • Company G was organized at Fellowship Church under a big Hickory Tree and mustered into state service at Buckley's Store in the Fellowship Community July 17, 1861 with George W. RYAN as Captain.[1]
  • In August they assembled in rendezvous at Enterprise. On the 31 st, of said month George F. Peek of Company K was elected as one of the field officers.
  • Early in October, they were mustered into the Confederate States service and ordered to Pensacola where they were encamped under General Bragg opposite Fort Pickens which was occupied and held by the Union Troops during the fall and winter. [2]
  • Company G was in the Bombardment of Fort Barrancas, Florida. The four forts being involved in this forty-eight hour continuous battle. The little town of Warrington near the Naval Yard was completely destroyed by the Union Troops. It was here that Benjamin Frank Cross of Company G heard his first cannon shot: it bursting as it struck the corner of the jail where he was guarding prisoners. [1]
  • In May, 1862 the regiment being ordered to Mobile, Alabama under Lieutenant-Colonel Gates was reorganized and re-enlisted for three years. [2]
  • In the reorganization, Captain George W. RYAN resigned and returned home; J. N. White being elected Captain of Company G . [1]
  • August 18, 1862, the Eighth, under Lieutenant-Colonel A. McNEILL was assigned to J. K. Jackson's Brigade, Wither's Division, Polk's Right Wing. His division advanced to Bardstown, near Louisville, with General Kirby Smith.
  • Joseph Jay enlisted May 15, 1862 in Mobile, Alabama and died in battle at Chattanooga, Tennessee, December 25, 1862. (Co. G 8th MS Infantry.)
  • At the beginning of the Battle of Murfreesboro, December 31, Jackson's Brigade stood in line with Breckenridge on the East side of Stone River, was sent across with Adam's Brigade in order to attack Palmer's Division. After three hours of severe fighting were forced to fall back. In recording the results, August W. ATWOOD was selected for the Roll of Honor for Company G. [2]
  • Benjamin Frank Cross was the first soldier from Company G, wounded, it occurred on the first day, December 31, while those killed being: George W. KILLAN, Reuben J. W. Terrell and William O. CHATHAM. [1]
  • The Regiment remained stationed on the river at Bridgeport, Alabama until July 1863, engaged in hunting deserters and bushwhackers, in the northern portion of Alabama. In August was at Chattanooga.
  • In the battle of Chicamuga, the Eighth Regiment under Colonel John C. Wilkinson, became distinguished when it captured and brought off the field, three pieces of artillery and five horses which had been captured early in the day by Walker's Corps, but recaptured by Thomas. About four o'clock on Sunday evening they again advanced close to Thomas position on the Chattanooga Road and here held their place against heavy fire until the Federal Army was driven from its last position. [2]
  • This great battle of Chicamuga was won by the Southern Army, but in Company G "Tolson Guard" Jasper County lost its Captain, J. W. White who was shot down just as the soldiers of the Company got in position to fire and were loading their guns. He was buried on the Battlefield, William Cooper was also killed, while James Marion Ray and John B. Rich were wounded. Benjamin M. Buckley was made Captain to take the place of J. W. White who was killed. [1]
  • During the battle of Lookout Mountain, Jackson's Brigade held a position near Chattanooga. In the battle of Missionary Ridge November 25, 1863 were in line with Cheatham's Division on the right, and lost heavily. They then went into winter quarters at Dalton, Georgia. February 2, 1864 the Brigade was transferred to W. H. T. Walkers Division. The Eighth being sent with Forty-Third Georgia under temporary Brigade commanded by Colonel B. J. Hill, Provost Marshall- General to meet the Federal Army at Dug Gap where they served with Cleburne's Division and hotly engaged with Colonel Benjamin Harrison's Brigade. [2]
  • "Jackson's Brigade was in action at Calhoun, May 14; at Resca, May 15; at Adairville, May 17; at New Hope Church, May 27; and along the line of Kensaw Mountain until July 2. July 9 they crossed the Chatahooche." The brigade was then broken up.[2]
  • At Resca, Lieutenant Lewis M. Clark and Sergeant Samuel N. Snow of Company G, "Tolson Guard", Jasper County, were killed. [2]
  • A disastrous battle was fought, July 22, East of Atlanta; Captain B. M. Buckley [2] and Jesse E. Sapp [1] of Company G "Tolson Guard" were killed.
  • They then moved to Jonesboro where they drove the Federals across Flint River, August 31; also aided in repulsing Wood's Union Division at Lovejoy's Station, but with great casualties.
  • In September, the Eighth was joined with the Thirty-Second, with Lowery's Brigade, Cleburne's Division and took part in the campaign at the Chattanooga and Atlanta Railroad campaign in October. They captured Dalton, moved to Gadsden, Alabama; skirmished on front of Decatur, crossing the Tennessee River November 13, marching from Florence in a snowstorm, November 21 and taking part in the battle at Spring Hill with Stanley's Federal Division.
  • Then on to Franklin November 30, following the Federal Forces. Here they took part in that ever to be remembered assault upon the fortified lines. Here, Cleburne the division commander was killed as well as sixty brigade and regimental commanders were killed or wounded. [2]
  • At the Battle of Franklin, William R. Rich and John B. Rich (brothers) both of Company G "Tolson Guard" Jasper County were killed. James M. Kennedy, G. Jasper Skinner and William H. H. Johnston were captured. (James W. Kennedy being held there until the surrender or close of the war.)
  • During this battle, a shot from the Southern Line entered the barrel of a Union Gun. As it hit the ball, it exploded. Benjamin Frank Cross, Company G "Tolson Guard" Jasper County, captured this gun and delivered it to a General. It being night, did not know what officer it was. This gun is now in a Museum at Kansas City, Missouri, and was on display at the World's Fair there. [1]
  • The Federals retreated to Nashville, and Lowery's Brigade was posted at the right of Hood's Army on the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad out at a point two and one half miles from town. The Battle of Nashville followed in which they repulsed the assaults made, a general disaster taking place the next day, [2] (this being in December 1864.)
  • Here, Company G was in actual fighting every day for two weeks in snow eight inches deep. They fought all night long and were not allowed to have fires for fear the enemy would know their location. There were four double lines of Northern Negroes, (eight deep.) They killed so many of them, General Lowery said, "there are more dead Negroes, than there are men shooting at them." [1]
  • December 26, 1864, the Brigade recrossed the Tennessee River and Marooned into the Northeastern portion of the State of Mississippi. [2]
  • Company G "Tolson Guard" went by Corinth for a supply of clothes and from there to Tupelo where they remained in camp for awhile. Here, they were given a ten day furlough and allowed to return to their homes. [1]
  • General Joseph E. Johnston's Army was next organized March 31, 1865, near Smithfield, North Carolina and Company G Eighth Mississippi Regiment was under Captain H. W. Crook, Lowery's Brigade. [2]
  • In reporting at their camp, Company G went by railroad from Mobile, Alabama to Augusta, Georgia and from there to Charlotte, North Carolina then out to camp at Bolsberry, a short distance from Charlotte. [1]
  • April 9, 1865, the Eighth Mississippi Regiment was consolidated with other regiments and battalions and designated as the Eighth Mississippi Battalion, General Sharp's Brigade, D. R. Hill's Division, Lee's Corps.
  • April 26, 1865, the Army surrendered and paroled at Greensboro. [2]
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  • 1. Ref - Benjamin Frank Cross, a living veteran of the said Company G "Tolson Guard" of Jasper County, Mississippi.
  • 2. Ref - "Mississippi Official and Statistical Register 1908. Archives and History." Pages 576-581.
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