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Summary Analysis

The following diagram offers a way to evaluate the Muster Roll's exit comments. The intent is to assist the reader in assessing the comparative uniquenes of the exit route taken by that member during the 36 month active life of the unit (May 1862 through May 1865).

The head count (N=9) does not include an individual who's name is referenced to another spelling of the name. Neither does it include a named individual who is fully described as a member of another unit of the 65th Georgia. Finally, if an individual is mentioned as being a member of the unit with no other comments; that is, 'present, but not otherwise accounted for,' then that person was placed in the 'Other' category.

Misc Men Attrition

Grant, Benjamin C. -- Elected lst Lieutenant in Inf. Rattn., Smith's Legion, Ga. Vols., May 12, 1862; Captain May 21, 1862. Transferred to Co. K, 65th Regt. Ga. Inf., Mar. 1863. Died at Loudon, Tenn., hospital, Mar. 26, 1863.

Alexander, Hosea E -- Private. Name appears only on oath of allegiance to U.S., sworn to at Chattanooga, Tenn., June 21, 1865.

Dixon, Henry -- Private. Name appears only on roll of men paroled at Greensboro, N.C., Apr. 28, 1865.

Edenfield, William -- Private. Name appears only on lists of prisoners of war who surrendered at Tallahassee, Fla., May 10, 1865. Paroled at Albany, Ga., May 24, 1865.

Harrison, Alexander -- Private. Name appears only on oath of allegiance to U.S., dated Apr. 5, 1864.

Hipps, James A -- Private. Name appears only on record which states that he took oath of allegiance to U.S., Feb. 14, 1864.

Kennedy, John -- Private. Captured in Fulton County, Ga., in 1864, and sent to Military Prison, Louisville, Ky., where he took oath of allegiance to U.S., Nov. 10, 1864. No other record.

Jordon, John J -- Private. Name appears only on list of Confederate deserters who took oath of allegiance to U.S., at Chattanooga, Tenn., May 2, 1864.

McGee, Francis M. (or McGhee) -- Private Mar. 4, 1862. Deserted near Pine Mountain, Ga., June 13, 1864. Captured at Marietta, Ga., June 18, 1864, and sent to Camp Morton, Ind., prison. Took oath of allegiance to U.S., May 22, 1865, and was released.

Mote, Henry F. (or Henry I.) -- Private. Name appears only on prisoner of war records which show that he deserted to the enemy at Paulding County, Ga., date not given, and was sent to Militar Prison, Louisville, Ky. Took oath of allegiance to U.S., there June 2, 1864.

Pearce, J. L -- Private Sept. 1, 1862. Name appears only on receipt roll dated Sept. 15, 1864.

Rhodes, James P. (or Rhoades or Rodes, or James T.) -- Private July 3, 1862. Absent without leave Dec. 8, 1862-Feb. 12, 1863. Deserted at Kingston, Tenn., June 25, 1863. Rejoined company Mar. 26, 1864. Deserted July 3, 1864. Captured near Marietta, Ga., July 3, 1864, and sent to Camp Douglas, Ill., prison. Died there of chronic diarrhoea. Buried in Grave No. 1298, Chicago City Cemetery.


Company not shown on records.

The 65th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, began in May 1862 as the Infantry Battalion of Smith's Legion, Georgia Volunteers (also known as 'Georgia Partisan Rangers'). In March 1863, the Legion's Cavalry and Infantry Battalions were separated and each was increased to regimental size. The Cavalry Battalion became the 6th Regiment Georgia Cavalry and the Infantry Battalion, became the 65th Regiment Georgia Infantry Throughout their service, these regiments were assigned to the Army of Tennessee, CSA.

The sidebar image is a standard issue "State Seal" button worn by Confederate Soldiers from the State of Georgia (larger than full-scale). ECHOS OF GLORY: ARMS & EQUIPMENT OF THE CONFEDERACY Time life Books, 1991, pp. 96.

Muster Record Source: Henderson, Lillian. ROSTER OF CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS OF GEORGIA, 1861-1865 ~ VOLUME 6. Longino & Porter, 1994.

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