laser cut table
by Curt Eric Schneider
Laser cut 1/4 inch steel---center holds 9" planter---3'6" glass top

     My work is inspired loosely by nature and the traditional art of Asia and Africa.
You can maybe see the traditional Thai Naga (river serpent) in the arms of the chair and
the table; and though I've never been to South Africa (I have been to Senegal and the Gambia),
you can see the Zulu shield (tank tread) motif on the back of the chair.
     I work from scratch. All are one off (except for the laser cut tables, there are three).
Some boxes are designed on a Cad program.

Acad drawingwatering can

Small tripod boxSteel chestshaka zulu 3000
The Shaka Zulu 3000 is articulated chair with springs in the arms that provide cushion and a hinged back that allows for some swing. All welded steel construction. size-56" high-- 60" wide-- 50" deep
Steel chest (pictured open)---rust finish---

Fetichcoffee table
Abstract sculpture--steel and concrete coffee table--glass top--steel and concrete
small box openvasesmall box
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16 Nickels Arcade Ann Arbor MI
steel box
concrete and steel

Updated: 10-21-2000
commissioned in the past--chairs , table and mirror Can You Find The Moose?
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